Happy New Year Offer from Jan.3rd to 12th. ]


2019 Happy New Year Special Offer <Spanish Set>

Popular items from Spain.  Organic extra virgin olive oil and creamed honey. 

Zajari Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml  (Best Before 30, April 2019)

Olaya Miel Creamed Honey (Eucalyptus) 150g 

Olaya Miel Creamed Honey (Red Heath) 150g 

Noviembre Olive Seed 40g 

Las Manillas Gummy with Olive Oil 100g

Hand Cream with Olive Oil 50g



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2019 Happy New Year Special Offer <New Zealand Set>

Enjoy Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other condiments that go well with olive oil from New Zealand.

Telegraph Hill Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml (Best Before 30, June, 2019)

Telegraph Hill Balsamic Drizzle 250ml

Telegraph HIll Olive Zing 90g

Telegraph Hill Fruits and Honey Chutney 120g

Olive Lip Cream



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