FROM NEW ZEALAND - Telegraph Hill brand

Telegraph Hill is an emerging olive farm in Hawke's Bay where historic wineries are, warm coastal area on east side of northern island. Their original recipe is inspiring and adds upgraded taste to your meal. 


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The product assortments:

- Olive Zing 

- Manuka Smoke Balsamic Salt

- Manuka Smoke infused Balsamic Drizzle

- Roast Dukkah

- Dukkah Butter

- Roast Garlic Olive Oil

- Thyme Sage Rosemary Olive Oil

- Lemongrass Kaffir Lime Chili Olive Oil




Olive Zing 30g

An essential for your pantry.  Highly useful to all kind of savoury dishes. Olive powder, sea salt, herbs, pepper, chili and lemon zest mix create versatile seasoning. Great with egg, beef, lamb, pork, chicken, fish, steamed vegetables, avocado, tomato, pastas, bread with extra virgin olive oil.


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Olive Zing 90g

Value size of Olive Zing.


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Macadamia Nuts and Herbs Salt 30g

Dukkah-based gourment salt. Macadamia nuts, sesame seeds, sea salt, cumin, coriander, fennel and chili are the perfect mix for grilled chicken, steamed vegetables, tofu dish and soup.  



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Manuka Smoke infused Balsamic Drizzle 250ml

The sensational taste of original balsamic drizzle balanced with distinctive Manuka smoke adds real flavour to your dish. Great for BBQ steak, salmon, grilled vegetables, smoked ham, and leafy salad with extra virgin olive oil. 


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Manuka Smoke Balsamic Salt 30g

Gentle manuka smoke and balsamic combine for vibrant flavour by balsamic flakes and sea salt. Great for leafy salad, raw fish to make carpaccio with extra virgin olive oil. Totally new experience. Try for your creation. 


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Roast Garlic Olive Oil 250ml

An easy way to add mouth watering flavor of intense roast garlic to your dish. Good for soup, pastas, bread, chicken, vegetables or salad. 

Awarded gold medal in Olive Japan 2017


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Thyme, Sage, Rosemary Olive Oil 250ml

A perfect mix of 3 kinds of herbs great for fresh salad, pastas, pizza, carpaccio. 

Awarded silver medal in Olive Japan 2017


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SALE! Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime, Chili Olive Oil 250ml

A quick way to add Lemongrass taste to your dish. Great for the dishes topped with coriander. Good for chicken, noodle, leafy salad, Asian style soup.

Expiration date: Feb.28th, 2018.

Awarded silver medal in Olive Japan 2016

*Due to expiration coming soon, the remaining inventory is on sale. 


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Roasted Dukkah 100g

Dip, sprinkle, or roll. Roasted Dukkah is a mix of nuts, sesame, seeds, cumin, coriander, fennel, sea salt, good for sprinkling over fresh salad, vegetables, yogurt, vanilla ice cream, soups, pastas. Roll fish or poultry to season prior to cooking.


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SALE! Dukkah Butter 185g

Dukkah powder mixed in extra virgin olive oil and sesame paste (tahini) to spread on bread. Great for gourmet sandwiches. Add on pork, chicken or lamb prior to baking. Healthy choice for quick energy and nutrition supply.   

*Due to content size reduction, current inventory must go. 


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SALE! Olive Dukkah 100g

Dukkah with delicious olive flakes. Sprinkle over fresh salad, chicken, soup, pastas.

Final inventory must go.

Expiration date: Jan. 30th, 2018.


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